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Your Partner For Process Instrumentation

MJK was established in 1977 in Denmark, is one of the leading manufactures of measuring and control equipment for treatment processes in drinking water, wastewater, and industrial process water. Read more…



Specialists In Calmp-on Ultrasonic Flow Measurements

Katronic Technologies Ltd. was founded in 1996 in UK is specialize in clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters and non-invasive process measurement instrumentation. Read more…



We Run The Water In Your Home

Simer® – a leading supplier of residential water management products to meet your all your water movement and storage needs. Simer® provides high-quality pumps at a great value to your family  Read more…



Water Quality Analyzers

SYSTEA S.p.A. develops, manufactures and sells worldwide integrated solutions for analysis and on line monitoring of complex chemical compounds in surface water, drinking water, waste water, sea water.Read more…



First For Steam Solutions

Since 1970 COLIMA has been working in the field of equipment for controlling and managing process fluids, designing and producing level switches and magnetic level indicators. Since 2008, COLIMA has been a part of the Spirax Sarco Group, the world leader in the steam and related fluids. Read more…



88 years of experience in development and production of fill level and flow metering technology

In 2002, MECON became the successor of TURBOWERK MESSTECHNIK from Cologne. Since then, we have continuously advanced and built on the over 88 years of experience with new technologies and innovative product design.  Read more…



Water And Wastewater Aeration And Mixing

S.C.M. Tecnologie was born from the experience of technicians with more than 30 years of background in the treatment of wastewater and waste in general.That is why the company is capable of dealing effectively with its customers providing the machines most suitable for every plant’s needs. Read more…