S.C.M. Tecnologie was born from the experience of technicians with more than 30 years of background in the treatment of wastewater and waste in general.
That is why the company is capable of dealing effectively with its customers providing the machines most suitable for every plant need.
Our company is well-established in the Italian as well as the European market. In Italy it operates through an agent-based organization able to reach every region; a wider commercial network involves France, Spain, and many other European countries. Furthermore, the presence of the company has consolidated in various areas of the world such as Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, where a number of resellers and agencies operates.
S.C.M. Tecnologie supports the customer in choice and sizing of aeration and mixing systems. Basing on project data, regarding either newly built systems or renewal of existing ones, our technical office selects the machines that best fit the requests that need to be satisfied.